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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lunch at Cantina Agave

Cantina Agave @ 291,Fu Min Road,near Chang le Road,Suite 01A-2 Xu Hui District,Shanghai

LA MAISON DU MACARON@ 966 Chang Le Road,Shanghai


  1. HOw you make the +1 thing below ah?? so nice! like fb liktat can like the post oh.. hahaa
    anyway, the restaurant is amazingly cute! with all the colourful kindergarten-like chairs =)

  2. macaroons~~~~~i wanna!!!nice??the atmosphere is so nice o!!!!expensive there???

  3. @clara,i have no suddenly just popped out!!!!u might have yours in real soon..hahhahaha

    @shirley:oh god the macaroons taste like HEAVEN!!!!hmm it costs around rm3.5 for each....i went to the place during lunch time so i picked the lunch set,wasnt that exp,i spent around RM25~30

  4. also selling around RM4 wach like tht..nice ma nice ma??very cute..

  5. i like the colourful chairs too..haha..

  6. nice gao gao!!!!!i ve been there for like three times...when im not in a good mood,i'll go everywhere to search for far the most exp one that i have seen is like rm10 each...