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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food Hunting in YuYuan

       It was just a usual afternoon,wasnt in a good mood because i have heapsssssssssss of unfinished assignmentssss.The only thing that ive learnt during my 3years of unilife in shanghai is PROCASTINATION !!!!.....ZZzzzZZzzz so i was walking around in Yu Yuan with my shitty face until........i stepped into J Co Donut and Coffee Shop :)))
 CHOCO BANANA DONUT!!!!It melted my heart!!!!

 The famous food in YuYuan is 上海小笼汤包but i gave up to the shop which sells the best 汤包due to the fucking long queue infront of the shop.Therefore,my plan B was, switched to one of my favourite chinese restaurant in shanghai---鼎泰丰Ding Tai Feng which provides more choices of 汤包,not like those tradisional chinese restaurants,only pork 汤包 is available.....because everytime when i go to a restaurant,my first choice is always SEAFOOD,so for sure i would love to have some prawns 汤包or with crabs meat inside...:)

 2/F,Yu Fashion Garden,No.168,Fangbang M Rd.,Shanghai

虾皇 烧卖
 Some weird Ginger Slices
Wallpaper with some celebrities pencil sketching and signature on it
From left:林心如,XXX, 郑伊健,周迅,杨千桦,XXX, 何润东,赵薇
We couldnt get 100% satisfied with the 汤包,so we went for our second round at 避风塘Bi Feng Tang which is on the 3rd floor, upstairs of the Ding Tai Feng
 Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice....The best fried rice of Bi Feng Tang

 Hot Toast with vanilla ice-cream on top and have a dip with honey and milk....OMG!!!it tasted like heaven


  1. not meaning to sound extreme... but that is the sexiest chocolate doughnut ever!! :D
    reli like ur post & blog =] xxx


  2. hey sweetie thank you so much!!!you have an awesome blog as well,still have lots to learn from you this expert blogger...:P

  3. Although Ive been to Shanghai, but never knew they had such classic places. Makes me wanna go there experience something different again =)

  4. lol this place isnt classy at all,i thk its more suitable for family dining...there're alots of fancy and classy places which are more suitable for couples...i bet your travel agent brought you to some 'kolot' places to dine hahahha

  5. toast with the ice cream looks so nice!!!can tapao for me??

  6. for since we have airasia and its freaking cheap...lets plan for a trip to HK...hahah we should get the original one at hk 九龙冰室