I love photos,because the best thing about it is that it never changes even when the person in it does.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A GAY Philippino Tourist made his visit to Shanghai

 Pool-a-holic,the first place he went was the billiard centre at Kai Xuan Road :P

Mashasi: 8号球是最重要的,我无所谓
@the fitting room of Espirit Outlet Cloud Nine,ZhongShan Park...The gay was stalking on a short hair chinese salesgirl who served him, thats why he ended up with paying the bill generously....hahahha He bought the purple and the blue shirt because i stopped him from buying another red shirt which printed a gayish lion on it,i think the shirt will makes him looks more gay,so being his loyal friend,i just gave him my very sincere advise LOL
 Texting with his babe, Big Jay
 COLDSTONE disaster....Buy THREE get ONE free....i swear im not gonna eat ice-cream for at least one month...i was gonna puke though the ice-cream tasted really good but that were too much for 3 of us :S
 GAYYYY!!!!! but its a nice facebook profile pic material

 Our favourite Restaurant,食堂3楼!!!

Day 2,around 3pm i was starving because i just had oatmeal+strawberries for my breakfast and the gay tourist he was starving too because he only had a mini burger for lunch with anothey gay french we were hunting for some food at the basement floor of Metro City,Xu Jia Hui....We picked this Ramen Play because of the unique decorations but the 服务员were so pissed because i was keep taking pictures.....But i dont care,because I AM CURRENTLY IN CHINA!!!!!

 Mango Yogurts
Royal Shen,a japanese bakery shop which sells Japanese cookies,muffins,chocolates,puffs,macaroons,donuts,marshmallows,cupcakes,pies and etc....OMG!!!irresistable....!!!!slrrrpppppp and the gift package which i bought wasnt that exp,picked 8 from the 15 kinds of mini desserts was just cost me 18rmb...

Wacom BAMBOO,the best tablet for artist....hohohooooooo but bought it for his dad just for using it to write chinese dude,what a good investment,now the whole world knows that you are a good and caring son!!!


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  2. got!!!!did u see the +1 button at the bottom of the posts???its a new function of it....i didnt even knw that until clara told me hhahaahahha